The Artist



I ain’t perfect, but I ain’t confused.


Not to enforce but to inform, enlighten, encourage and empower. When one knows one’s self they will know who they are, but more importantly WHO’S they are. (Who I am) is a follower of The Almighty. My, music reflects my understanding of the Word Of “YAH” the revelation of his express will toward man and their relationship to him (The Almighty). My music is Spiritual, Positive and Educational. But it expresses warning of “YAH’S” judgement and soon coming to a dark and midnight world. I hope that as you will listen with ears of decrement and an open mind, and find your way.


The Boys And Girls club chapter in Selma, NC Pepsi festival in Smithfield, NC Hosted the Faith Festival. Smithfield, NC Ham and Yam Festival Smithfield, NC Opened up for (Marcus D. Wiley) of the Yolanda Adams Morning Show at Johnston Community College. Smithfield, N.C. Perform for Pastor (John Pee kee).Talent search at Church in Charlotte Nc. Opened for (Evelyn Turnteen A. G.) Fayetteville, N.C Opened up for the (God father of Hip-Hop Kurtis Blow). Performed in Atlanta Ga. for (Keith Wonder boy Johnson). Toured with (The Anointed Jackson Sisters out of Goldsboro Nc.) Performed with Gospel comedian (D.L. Hently) at Inflow lounge. Smithfield, N.C. Toured with (Poetry In The Light) Produced that cd. Spiritual Awaking television show. Raleigh, NC The release ( local talk show) Raleigh, NC Performed in two plays Directed by Lisa Copes ( Street Lights ) and (How deep is your love) at Smithfield, N.C. Youth summit: Door keeper international church. Hosted: The InFlow Lounge Smithfield, NC Currently the host at (Da Base Lounge)…. Benson, NC

Raleigh, NC Photoshoot

Smithfield, NC Photoshoot